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He knows his stuff What can a woman do to make a man fall in love?If you believe most Hollywood movies she just has to act a little bit stupid and giggle whenever the man of her dreams says something, even if he just said something that wasn’t funny at all. Do we really fall for women who qualify themselves by giggling, smiling and acting as if their left cerebral hemisphere wouldn’t work properly? You can be closer with her than family and friends.Women give us the feeling to be needed and to be loved, but there are some things about them that drive us insane.I hate to say it but there are some things that men don’t like about women.General expectations in the relationship rise as you move further along the path.Those expectations are ever more real around holidays, because holidays involve gifts.Tangible, often measurable gesture of how much this person means to you. I’ve had a tendency to over-gift in the early stages of a relationship and I think it’s raised the bar past what the other person was comfortable with.Which can suck, because as a dedicated boyfriend / girlfriend, you’re usually working year-round to make this person feel special and it’s frustrating to have to go above and beyond just for one day. I remember I was dating a girl for about 2 weeks, her birthday was coming up AND I was about to leave on a big trip, so I wanted to make an impression.

or sitting in the rocking chair at the old folk’s home, their bodies spent, but their minds still active as they talk endlessly about their favorite topics. You share the same sense of humor and are always cracking jokes.Whereas my husband would rank it this way: play mate, mind mate, help mate, soul mate.It sounds to me like your boyfriend’s top preference is to have a help mate. Lots of people prioritize help mate over all the other types.You share same interest in arts or sports and you’re always up for an adventure.This can also be the couple that has a lively and adventuresome sex life.

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