Anti aur sun faking

Other codes and requirements may also apply to broadcasters, depending on their circumstances.

To avoid awful commentary, they tried everything, like switching to Sony Six, Sony Max.

Will the Modi-bhakts enjoy their match or will they spend their time in trolling me online?

Why can’t the bhakts get a life instead of talking about me all the time? (Producer: Ma’m please go back to Twitter) Rohit Sardana: Flood lights ke beech ye match khela jata hua. Kabhi aati hai, kabhi nahi aati aur Kejriwal sarkaar is baat par maun hai.

It is Ofcom’s policy to describe fully the content in television, radio and video-on-demand content.

Some of the language and descriptions used in the Broadcast and On-demand Bulletins may therefore cause offence.

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