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It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. Simply by position, the noun, which signifiea the possessor, to come immediately after the subject of possession ; * as — Ata lanang, good belonging to the Chinese. The genitive or possessive case, in the Malay, is expressed in two forms : — 1. By position, *' the word denoting the subject of possession always preceding that which denotes the possessor ; " as — Chaya mata hari, brightness of the sun. The use of the Malay "punya" should be employed only when absolutely necessary.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. By inserting the word sin (of the) between the subject of possession and the possessor, the noun denoting the possessor always to be placed last ; as — Sdia sin s Uga, brightness of the sun. By emplojring the possessive adjunct "punya"^ after the noun, as — Sultan punya, the Sultan's. Farentah punya, belonging to the government Kapal punya, of the ship. For instance, it is more idiomatic to say "kuda Sultan" than "Sultan punya kuda" (the Sultan's horse).

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. The Sulu people are a bold, fearless race, and, up to a very recent date, were most notorious pirates. g., bl, to buy; pug-hl^ to sell, i as i in big, bid, bit; e. V is used only once in the Sulu, namely, in the word aslvi, small. In some instances when it precedes certain nouns it denotes plurality; e. The following should be applied to animals only:- Mandangany male Jantan, male * All the examples not in italics are Malay.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Vj OOQIC Digitized by Vj OOQIC ENGLISH -SULU- MALAY VOCABULARY. In their lovely isles they lived compara- tively contented until their ancient enemies the Spaniards gained a footing amongst them. Spanish rule is hateful to them and many are leaving the Sulu archipelago for British North Borneo. Digitized by Google XIV INTEODUCTION Omagak, female Betina, female The exceptions are mostly titles, as — Junjong-an, Sultan.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. * In the Sulu this method is less frequently employed. " The only changes, to which the form of nouns is subject, are those which they undergo as deri- vatives.*' This applies to both dialects.

Ka Ji is in less general use than tah in the Sulu, wliilst the reverse is the case in the Malay. Hi (- ^ ** si *') is a particle that is prefixed to proper names, and sometimes to verbs. Its functions have been noticed under nouns and verbs ; nevertheless, it may be remarked here, when adjectives follow their substantives via is generally omitted. produced by sa following an adjective as b}^ adding ly to an adjective in English ; e.g., bfnialsa, - *' se benar," truly from bfnial or benar. wakta diwasa Aged mos tuah Digitized by Cj OOQIC BNOLISH. sankut sangkut Ague, fever and kura^ tiand Ug demam kura Ague (fever) demam, heng^aw demam Ah! Ahead ha-dang-dong, di-aluan, hd-dofigf horundh* di-muka. an di-adap-an Aid (assistance) p Ug-tabang-an per-tolong-an Aim (to direct) tnja-han tuju-kan, klta Uan tunjuk Aim at klta Uan tuju, mitar Ajar ma-kiput renggang Akimbo mang-hawak tangan di pinggang Akin tau-tai-anak ber-sanak Alacrity HS'US chapat Alas! isab, dakcnnan juga, pula Alter sdlin, gomanti ' ubah, ganti Altercation kakat per-bantah-an Alternate ganti-mug-gomanit . ka-apoh-an, kor-mos-an nenek moyang Anchor, an boqjif boji sauh Digitized by Google 10 ENGLISH. t Caryota urens : a palm tree much used by the natives for house building purposes, etc. miig-baita, gdwi'han pa-suk-an via-tapil, tampil sarang pandai tiibig Arab bhdsa arab Benua-arab uma-an sttkal ami bunga pula pailo-mamailo miig-bechala bechala bangun tatahldl-an biiktum lamina^ elok galdng takus sanjata mug-takus ma-lara, mdia * Coat of mail.' MALAY. Around llbut kolilin]g Arrack alak arak Arrange hatol, mumus ator Arrest sagau tankap Arrive sampai, abut sampei, tiba Arrow anakpdnah, hawang anak panah Arsenic walangan warangan Art (science) tlmu ilmu „ (cunning) akal akal Artery, main Ugat dakolah urat nadi „ (a vein) Ugat dugfih urat darah Articles (goods, alta, kakdna arta, barang- property) barang Artifice aka Uan tipu Artificer tukang, pandai tukang Artist pandai pandei Artless b Unal benar „ (simple) dopang bodoh As blal, sail bagei, sapurti „ much as blha ter-taud sa-baniak „' quickly as samut'tud sa-brapa lakas. Ashamed ma-slpug, slpiig malu Ashes ahu abu Ashore ha-Iopa di-darat Aside ha-ang'Slpak di-sa'blah Ask (beg) pangaioh,7nangaioh minta.f pohon „ (inquire) um Osuhiij asiihu tania, sidik Askance libat in mdta junling, juling Asleep ma-togy tog t Idor Assault, to langgal langgar Assemblage tlpuji-an, ka-tdudr himpun-an,ka- an, ka-taur-an, banyak-an, mairaiij majelis medan,mejeli8 Assemble t Jpim, hlpdn himpun Assist tahang^ tolong, bantu Assistance tahdng-a Uf tolong-an. Attendant iban kawan, budak Attest pieg-saksi bri sahadat Attest (subscribe) nug-butang sap buboh chap Attire tamugan pakai-an Auction mang-hll Ugi lelong An Aience{e Aco\xrt)maje Us mejelis Auger haflna gurdi Aunt Inah-an ma'kechil Authentic huna Uhiinal benar Authority kiiasa kwasa Avaricious loha kikir Avenge mam balas bhaya Averse (unwilling) ma-hilkau tiada mau Avert (ward oflf) tangkis, toviaiigku \ tangkis Await tugady tum Ugad nanti, tunggu Awake jdga jaga Away bats nialang „ (direction) matu Sana Awe maka-hallan ka-takut-an Awful ajaib, maka-hallan, heibat maka^bdga suang^ Awning(canva8) haima chatri Awning(palmleaf) kajang kajang Awning, side purdah piirdah Awry kj L'kinj irut Axe kapah kapak Axe, a native patok beliong Axis (nave) bujal pusat Azure walna sali langit bitu langit Digitized by Vwj OC 16 ENGLISH. MALAY; Bl Bbbies anak-aitak-an anak-anak-an Baby anak as'ivl anak kechil Bachelor hnjang bujang Bachelor, young sahrd buyong Back, the talkdd blakang Back (of a knife) sdlig saig Back, to draw Ueng imdur Back-again mra pulang Backside ball pongg6ng Backward ha-brdi di-blakang Bad inang-i^ ngi jahat Bad (decomposed) haloh busok Badinage bechala wdi tantu jenaka Badge tanda, sdp, indahan tanda Bag, a ka7vt karong Baggage alta, laan-an arta, barang Bail (surety) atas-an, tanggong- peng-aku. Carry with the pindit bibit fingers ,, on the open tiataiak tatang hand ,, on the pasan kilik shoulder ,, a person baton g dukong, pikul ,, outside dahan liaguah bawa kliiar Cart, a karosah * pedati, kreta Cartridge kalac Jmcho t petron, tam- pang, pompas Cartridge-pouch abah-abah kerpei Carve fikil ukir, turi Cascade togpa in tubig, busai ,panchoranayer. Casting-net la yah jala Castor-oil plant tan J an tanjan pula pr»k"» jarak Castrated kahili f k:ts7 ka-Ini, kabiri Casuarina a rail arau Cat k tit in J kiichin*,^ Catechist, a mamnni mamum Catch, to sag ally savibnt tangka;) Catch in the timahoh Fambut hand, to Catch hold of, to kiniapiit, kaputan pegangkan Cattle (cows) sdpl supi, lembu Cattle (animals) liaiop benatang Catty (1* lbs.) katl katl Caulk, to hillat-an, giilam pakkal Cause sabab sebab Caution, to viiifj'hindoh nieng-ajar Cave Hang guah Cavity liingag lobang Cease drnnahong berhinti Ceihng langit'langit, lohol langit-langit Celebrated mdshol ter-nama, mashur Celerity ma-biiskaiy laku-pantas, ma-ragan laju Centre ha-gitong-titd tengah-tengah Centre (of a btijal pusat Rong) Centipede laihlpan, alalpan halipan Digitized by Vwj O( 36 ENGLISH. akal-an, legau kichu „ (trick) kejib kechoh Cheek pisni plpi Cheerful senang-at Cli senang hati Cheese k Pso* keju Chest (of opium) pdk pak ,, (of tobacco) bakag peti ,, (breast) dagha dada „ (box) bilolang peti balolang Chew, to mdmah mamah Chew, a (quid) sopah sepah Chew, to (the cud) mag-sopah mamah- biak Chicken anak-manok, impis anak-ayam Chide (correct) anad ajar Chief ta U'dakolah orang-besar Child batahy anak anak Child (firstborn) anak s Tilong anak sulong Child (lastborn) bongsu anak bongsu Child, with biirus bunting (pregnant) •Spanish, "gueso." Digitized by Google m ENGLISH. Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. Copies can be obtained at the Officks of THE BRITISH NORTH BORNEO COMl»ANV. It is spoken by all the natives of the Sulu and Tawi-Tawi archi- pelagoes, and by a very considerable portion of the inhabitants of Magindano, Palawan, Balabac, Basilan, North Borneo, Darvel Bay and the adjacent Islands, extending southward as far as Cape Kanyongan, including the State of Balongan. enormous ** conservatories of rare birds and curious animals ; ** where man is the Adam of a modem Eden, primi- ** tive in habits, and numerically insignificant.** The Sulu nobility all write with a certain amount of facility. u like the above but shorter, i^ as u in but, pug, mug; e. k should be pronounced like k in kick, stick; it i& never mute, as it is in Malay, when the final letter of a word ; e. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. These places, at one time, were all tributory to the Chief termed the Sultan of Sulu. ** blessed with the heat and glory of eternal summer ; ** warmed by perpetual sunshine, deluged by copious " rains, and thrilled by electricity ; . Like the Malays, they have adopted the Arabic character with certain modifications. g.^ piig-daiau-i to mend or repair ; mug-dlhil, to give. g., pelak, silver, dollars or money ; alak, arrack ; s Mlak, to shout ; mam- aluk, to pay respect ; bak, to find. To pa ka, kapada, sema For kan akan With ibaii dengan At ha di From dien-ha deri-pada By dien-pa ulih Examples. Kalau, jikalau hang Antah, kunun indai Sopiiya aqas, agar Pula maien Sambil, selang in-ka Seraya hati Tambah-an hilt maien Kama, sebab kalna, sabab Serta Asal Tetiipi Me-lain-kan Hania Kelak Juga, jua Saja Lagi Lagi pula Seperti Laksana, bagei bla lya-itu iaun Lamun-kan mlsati salta asal bnty sa-guah ma-lain-kan bnty lual lulus perakal Jsab saja na vutyen iia mag en isab sapaltl if. The elimination of tah, or ** lah," would not affect the meaning of any of these words, but it would make them less emphatic. Bah (- ** lab ") is an expletive that may either follow or be affixed to nearly all kinds of words.

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Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. *In the Malay, "Tuan" under certain conditions can be^ applied to women, f Sin = of the. "per" or ^*pel") and affixing an, as — Pel-ajar-an, a school Ajar to learn Per-mandi-an, a bath Mandi, to bathe Pag-hlnang-an, work Hlnang, to work Pug-bayad-an, payment Bdyad, to pay (iv.) From verbs by prefixing pen, pern, and peng, which are all adopted from the Malay, as — Pen-churi, a thief Chun, to steel Pem-bayar, payment Bayer, to pay Pen-akau, a thief Takau, to steal Pem-b Unoh, a murderer BUnoh, to kill Also — Peng-gali, a spade Gall, to dig Peng-liat-an, sight Liat, to see Pang-lta-han, sight Kita, to see (v.) From verbs by the repetition or duplication Digitized by Google XVIII INTRODUCTION. " But, when a quality is predicated of a noun, or in other words, when in the corresponding English phrase the verb substantive intervenes, the qualitive is made to precede the noun, although the verb is. Adjectives may be formed from substantives by prefixing the particles nug (Sulu) and " ber " (Malay) as — * There are many such exceptions in the Sulu. XIX N&g-bul'bul, feathered Bt U-bul, feathers Ber-budi, wise Budi, wisdom Coic PARiso N OF Adjectives.

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