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It took a while to get here since nobody on The OC or One Tree Hill looked like me when I was growing up, but I am finally happy with the way that I look.

My issue with being an Asian woman and trying to date has less to do with my perception of myself, and everything to do with the way I am treated and perceived by men, specifically non-Asian men.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the ethnic part of my identity.

But when it comes to dating, my Asian identity – or, rather, the stereotypes surrounding it and treatment towards me because of it – have the potential to hurt me more than help me. Lauren s Mash is a writer, feminist, pop culture addict, and unabashed nerd living in San Diego, CA.

There are times that I have been discriminated against because of my race.

Weirdly enough, that kind of rejection isn’t that difficult for me to get over.

The more tricky situation concerns something called “Yellow Fever.” No, not the actual disease. Carriers of Yellow Fever are obsessed with Asian women to the point where they rarely, if ever, date or enter into a sexual relationship with any other women.Sometimes, the guys are extremely vocal about it and proudly proclaim that they have it.But most of the time, it is framed as a preference by men who simply “prefer” Asian women over other women.Stereotypes turn people like me into things that are measured against a caricature, and they strip me of the individuality that, frankly, I would probably have been more freely assigned if I were white.It is dehumanizing at best to constantly be compared to a stereotype and to have people chasing you not as a person, but as an embodiment of the stereotypes that they use to define you.

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