Avan jogia dating elizabeth gillies

They have similar senses of humor and seem to know the same people. Do you think Matt and Liz would make a cute couple? sat down with Celebuzz to dish on season three thus far – sharing many laughs along the way! Avan Jogia, who plays Beck Olivier, reveals that season three had some “very exciting stuff” such as breakups and maybe makeups? Elizabeth Gillies, who plays Jade West and fellow “frenemy” to Tori Vega (Victoria Justice), admits that season three has been filled with many twists and turns for the students of Hollywood Arts High School.

Obviously there's a commitment there and things I really like about her."Still the same except for the added comedic value of wine," he added on a repost from Victoria Justice on Twitter. The actress shared a first look at Fallon Carrington’s fashion look, and even though it’s only shoes, they are amazing shoes!So only one question remains: When is the entire cast getting back together?!reunion to happen — a movie, a special episode, SOMETHING!

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Avan Jogia recently met up with Victoria Justice to snap this super cute picture below: ...

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