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Enforcing these ideals can help to ease the fear some Black parents have about the fate of their children in the real world.

Promoting a balanced approach to life can also increase the chances that the child will grow into a productive and well-rounded member of the community.

While raising children who are structure and hard-working is important, regardless of ethnicity, the data suggests that a balance of discipline and encouragement is necessary for Black children.

Spending quality time with children, learning their interests, and enforcing chores and household duties while encouraging social time are among the ways Black parents can teach their children the values of respect and responsibility, while encouraging healthy parent/child interaction and enhancing the child’s social skills and worth ethic.

A heartbreaking new video from Seattle-based company Cut, released on Monday, shows just what those conversations can look like.Eyebrow This is the most popular procedure we do for a very natural hair-like stroke between your natural hairs.We can also create the appearance of hair for those who have thinning or no brow hair. This stems from a desire for Black children to be seen as non-threatening and civilized.So, in essence, part of the reason Black parents are so hard on their children is because they don’t want to perpetuate the Black stereotypes perpetuated by a racist society.

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