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No spoilers here, but the tales of meeting the likes of Gregory Peck and Robert Stack (who gives him a hilarious bit of advice about taking awards in stride), and his interchange with Harrison Ford while shooting the climax of as cringe comedy: the queasy reality of dating that Andrea Silenzi coaxes from people doesn’t line up with the Ricky Gervais style of manufactured awkward situations.All that changes when Silenzi brings in Dave, who listeners will remember as the last-minute babyface of episode 1’s focus group and geeky focus of the first date voyeurism in episode 3, and plays back Kate’s crushing betrayal for him to hear.It’s a rock bottom in the former’s dating life, and the poor guy has to relive it for the enjoyment of “that podcast bitch!” Still, Dave gets some kicks in when Silenzi plays some b-roll from the date’s end, including some rightful jabs at both Kate and Yoga Dave’s tedious views on Marxism.

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Part 1 of the series has an extended opening to introduce us to the show’s host — one of the world’s most beloved figures — cast in a macabre light that you’d probably want to keep the kids from hearing, especially if they still believe in him. We discover that the population of the Stasis has remained unchanged since the Coolidge administration and, in fact, not much in this sleepy, creepy town every changes.

We meet popular high school senior Deborah Hart, who’s worn her graduation cap and gown for all four years of high school in anticipation of her matriculation.

But the apex of celebrity endorsements is an October-only exclusive, or should I say Oatober: Katie Holmes for Quaker Oats.

In her own words, Katie says that “Oatmeal is one of my favorite breakfast choices because it’s delicious and packed with nutrition.” They should change the meaning of SP from Suppressive Person to Stupendous Pitcher because now I wanna eat some damn oats!

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), and how they came to set faulty precedents that continue to impact the fates of defendants.

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