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Finally, Trabzon 1st High Criminal Court agreed on conforming the judgement and demanded the report on eight gendarme personnel and Öz’s conviction to 6-month prison sentence from Trabzon 2nd Penal Court of Peace to examine.As the report has not returned from the Supreme Court yet, the High Criminal Court shall wait for the judgement.The gunman Serkan Erakkuş received life sentence, Att.Ferda Dündar who conveyed the shooting order received 7 years 6 months of imprisonment, Osman and İlbey Kuruoğlu from the Family Kuruoğlu and the journalist Engin Arıcan received 2 years 8 months of imprisonment respectively.56 of the journalists and all of the distributers are behind bars for being an “illegal” organization member according to charges defined in Turkey’s Anti-Terror Act and Turkish Penal Code.While two journalists are imprisoned after being detained due to charges related to Gezi Resistance, another journalist is kept in jail for “espionage” charges.

What really got harmed in this case is the judicial system and society’s trust in justice.” Arrest warrant for Ahmet İskender: The court proceeded in the case regarding Agos newspaper editor-in-chief Hrant Dink’s murder dated January 19, 2007 in Istanbul 14th High Criminal Court (December 3).Kerem Yılmaz, the driver, also received 11 years and 8 months of imprisonment, but he has been released on parole upon taking into account the time he already spent in prison within an international travel ban and judicial control measures.The bombing of Özgür Ülke: The bombing of Özgür Ülke newspaper headquarters in İstanbul’s Kadırga district and Ankara on December 3, 1994 was commemorated in Istanbul’s Kadırga Square on its 19th anniversary.Out 59 jailed journalists, 34 are imprisoned for “Kurdistan Communities Association-Turkey” (KCK), “PKK” and “DYG”; 9 of them for “Revolutionist Community Salvation Party Side’ (DHKP-C); 6 of them for “Ergenekon”; 4 of them for “ Marxist Leninist Communist Party” (MLKP); 1 of them for “ Resistance Movement” and another one is imprisoned for İBDA-C trials.The “illegal” organization of two journalists is yet to be known.

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PM Tansu Çiller [in that time] has been never tried even though her brief regards to take precaution for the newspaper was disclosed (December 3).

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