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The much-loved TV presenter dished: "There was lots of stuff hidden under people's beds that you really would rather have not seen."Lots of sex toys, magazines, books - you name it.You just think, 'Did you not think we were going to see that? Maybe they had just been there a long time and they'd forgotten about them."Carol also revealed that one of the cameramen almost completely ruined a big unveiling after stepping in dog's muck and subsequently treading it into a newly laid cream carpet."He had dog s**t on his shoe and there was loads of mouthing going on.Indeed, some rules were more commonly reported by youth: 55% of youth compared to 48% of parents at Wave 3 said that they were required to complete their chores and school work before playing games (see Table on page 6).Slightly fewer parents reported almost always enforcing game rules compared to Internet rules, although more parents reported doing so ‘often’.This is not to say that parents don’t care about content: about half of parents at Wave 1 said they had restrictions on the types and ratings of games that their children could play.

The most notable decrease in rules about video or computer games reported by parents over time was in the requirement of the child to ask permission before playing games.While we will make every effort to keep our policy statement as concise as possible, we are a work in progress and there may be additions made from time to time.We, therefore, suggest an occasional review of this document.…although the presence of Internet household rules tended to decrease over time.The most common rule that parents had is restrictions on where their children can go online, including chat rooms, X-rated websites, etc.

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An additional 1 of every 5 reported that they often enforce those rules.

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