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Linda and I met a few days after I first arrived in China.I was walking around the English academy which had hired me, introducing myself to my new colleagues, most of whom were Chinese. After introducing ourselves and exchanging basic questions, I asked whether she knew anyone who could tutor me in Chinese. It was a very fun and interesting experience for me. But in marriages like any other thing in life, it's not smooth sailing all the time.For example, instead of asking if he can walk walk with me to the library, he asks where I am going next…I think it is a combination of his culture combined with being male haha.Only later on did these men choose to verbalize our relationship, whether by referring to me as their girlfriend or even, affectionately, as their “wife”. Most Chinese men grow up in a family where love is expressed through indirect actions.For example, my inlaws show they love my husband and I by making lavish meals every time we come (including a large helping of vegetarian dishes for me, because I don’t eat meat); or by even building entirely new additions to their home, just for us!Most of my classmates are foreign and I’ve gotten the attention from a Chinese male.There is a good chance our relationship is going to blossom, so I have a few questions for you.

We sometimes exchanged non-romantic texts in the evening. She didn't immediately answer, but said she would tell me the next day. Well, she said 'yes,' and so we spent lots of time together, and fell in love. We had a Chinese style wedding in Linda's hometown. We have survived it by apologizing later and just loving each other and wanting to stay together.

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He is also very introverted and independent, kind of a homebody. I don’t want to be too forward by asking him direct questions or disclose too much information that may turn him off.

My instincts are telling me to find the balance between expressing interest and letting things happen naturally. Your experiences remind me so much of courtships in the past with Chinese men.

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