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On average, Cambridge singles are well educated, and many are young professional singles with above-average incomes who work in high-tech research and healthcare in the city.

However, Cambridge is also an attractive city for commuters, with many Cambridge singles taking advantage of the rail link to London.

Your choice of dating location is likely to be influenced by how hard the east wind is blowing and whether it’s a special occasion, which means that a date in Cambridge can be anything from a lazy afternoon at the Arts Picturehouse to a sophisticated evening of fine dining at Midsummer House.

Try our 'International Professionals' speed dating event for International and European Professionals based in London.

He was also a committed Christian who dedicated his work 'To the greater glory of God'.

The Church of England and Church in Wales need to decide what they believe.

Dating in Cambridge can be tricky for this reason alone.

In addition, the population changes regularly – people come into your life and then leave.

But who could raise an objection to an hour or so strolling around on Christ’s Pieces, blending in with the shoppers and office workers, as you walk and talk and get to know each other better.

There is a huge number of students from the UK and overseas in the city and a significant proportion of retirees.

All of these influences make the city a fascinating place to live and mean that a genuinely diverse range of people can hope to meet compatible matches and find love in Cambridge.

As a general rule, keep it simple on a first date – you’re still getting to know each other, and there’s plenty of time for soaring romance later.

Cambridge is fortunate in having an abundance of simple pleasures.

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