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Radar Online goes on to report that the actor had been estranged from Catherine for some time, and suspected that she would challenge the will - so a clause is present to ensure she loses all of her inheritance, if she in any way contests his instructions.

His film debut came in 1958 in Wind Across The Everglades and followed it with a small role in The Bloody Brood.

But then she is the wife of the governor of Florida, and a member by marriage of one of America's most famous political families.

Mrs Bush had been on a shopping trip to Paris, and she seems to have got a little carried away.

Falk excelled in embodying the class element of the show, as working for the Los Angeles Police Department, Columbo was almost always sneered at as a working class interloper by the super-rich of Beverly Hills, Malibu and Brentwood that he investigated.

Villains no matter how evil were always addressed as 'ma'am,' or 'sir' as the deceptively bumbling detective distracted their smooth patter midway by plucking a boiled egg from his pocket, or delivering that famous line after exiting a room.

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Mr Bush, son of the former president, George Bush, and brother of the Republican presidential candidate, George W, is aghast.

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