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Just because we wear a uniform doesn't mean we aren't normal people like everyone else.” “It is a huge, life-changing decision.Make sure it is right for you and that you are joining for the right reasons.And if you’re thinking that the “board” they provide will be a shack, guess again.Allen describes her room as “similar to a dorm,” but her single, walk-in closet, own full bathroom, full kitchen, living room and dining room, not to mention her washer-dryer, sounds a whole lot nicer than my first dorm room!“I had to do my ‘girl research’,” she said, indicating that she wanted to be sure she could keep living her life with all her girly comforts: cute shoes, Abercrombie jeans, manicures, and, most importantly, long hair! ” She spoke to hordes of recruiters and to her parents, and she has never regretted her choice.The Air Force allows its soldiers to keep their hair long, and they even allow French manicures (or nude, pale colors—no bright red or green! “I only plan to do four years,” she said, “but I definitely understand people wanting to do it until they can retire.” In one word: yes.This makes soldiers work harder, [because] they know they are needed.” There are some serious benefits to joining the army.Moghul has a full scholarship to medical school, plus a stipend to help pay rent and living expenses.

She hasn’t left on the deployment yet, and probably will not for about a year, but until then she’s stationed at an Air Force Base where she trains.

Though her family was initially nervous and “thought I was crazy…out of my mind for even considering it,” they eventually agreed it was a great career move and “an honorable way to use my skills.” Amina, after taking the oath to become an officer in the US Army, contributed by Amina Moghul As a full-time student in her second year at medical school, right now—not really.

She describes herself as “pretty much a civilian right now.” That involves waking up later than she would in the Army, going to class, working out, studying - sounds familiar, right?

When you think “military woman”, what comes to mind?

Probably not long hair, med school and no regrets, right?

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