Dating a us navy sailor

Speaking of that “girl in every port” thing, how is it cheating when you know you’ll never see the person again, and when his girlfriend could never possibly find out?

What if the recruiter isn’t giving your partner accurate info?

Plus, you will automatically have less in common with civilians because you have different lifestyles by being in the Navy.

If your partner plays it right, you guys can be moved to all kinds of neat and awesome places. Those cool destination billets won't always be open for his job either.

One of the things that all Navy Wives struggle with is making friends, and it doesn’t matter if you live on or off base.

The reason for this is that most of the people Navy Wives come in contact with are other Navy Wives and most times Navy Wives are afraid to get close to people because everyone moves eventually. It’s hard to make civilian friends too because you move so often, and even if you fight it, you'll get that mentality too.

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If there’s anything a sailor likes more than having a girl in every port, it’s having a girl he’s known since high school to joyfully meet him when he gets home.

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