Dating a weaver scope

This is also why some scopes will reach the end of the adjustment travel without properly aligning to the bore; running out of adjustment before you can place the bullet in the center of the target.

This issue can be rather frustrating to the average rifleman who simply wants to sight-in and leave the adjustments in a single position, but to the long-range shooter who makes adjustments more often, the issue is compounded.

The Leupold Custom Shop can install a variety of reticle offerings in most Leupold scope.

Visit our Custom Shop Website at see what reticles are available for installation in your scope. My scope is running out of internal adjustment travel before I get properly sighted in. When encountering an issue involving exhausted adjustment travel it is likely related to the alignment between the scope and barrel.

If you need more down adjustment, the front base needs to be shimmed.

Due to differing tolerances, rifle #1 requires 10-MOA of down adjustment from the scope to be sighted in at 100 yards and rifle #2 requires 10-MOA of up adjustment.Shimming does not induce stress on the scope, but typically reduces stress by properly leveling the scope to be parallel with the receiver.If an issue exists on the windage axis, the correction needs to be made with windage adjustable bases or rings.It should be noted that shifting the rear of the scope to the left will cause the point of impact to shift to the left and vise versa.It should also be noted that if one axis is near the limit of its adjustment, there will be a reduction in the amount of adjustment on the other axis.

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