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"Nah," he types back, "I think I'm giving up online dating." Two weeks in, my High There profile has 669 chat requests, rendering it basically unusable.I take it as a sign and build a whole new profile with the bio "Hallo!with photos, and video, and learn about each other through JOINTS. This has allowed thousands upon thousands of people to forge meaningful conversations and relationships on High There! High There lets you see the profiles of users who share at least one of your primary levels of compatibility: preferred method of getting high, energy level once you're stoned (low, medium, or high), and whether you're interesting in chatting, going out, or staying in.Unlike Tinder, High There doesn't lean on the probability that two like-minded souls will eventually find each other.

People could share all aspects of their lives on High There! We have people from California New York, Florida, to New Zealand, Germany, Netherland and the like all using the app daily and connecting with each other. and are getting married, as well as people and groups who have met and made real meaningful friendships on the app. blue dreamin," and, "Hope there's a good buzz out there for you today." Exchanges are bland and friendly; loose conversations drifting in and out without urgency.After playing around on the app before bed, I go to sleep pleasantly surprised that—unlike during my brief dalliance with Tinder—no one has asked me to sit on their face.Instead, I suggest we get a drink the following night. "I'm more of a smoker than a drinker," he writes, "and I'm getting the impression that you don't smoke? I have a fancy vape because I got it for free, and an eighth will easily last me more than a month.Most often I smoke in bed, right before I go to sleep.

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