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very safe, and most women will allow whatever you propose because, after all, it's glocals and NOT a dating site. epicure, Jun 12, 2013 @ There are plenty of free dating sites but in Switzerland those I know are in German.

Do not mind i don't mean to hurt you, this is just a suggestion.

Aug 15, 13 @ epicure, Bustan_A and Tryky shame on you guys ...

glocals is not intended for that, and Sofia is a ...

Apparently they aren't getting a satisfactory ego fix from social networking sites. On the other hand, there are a ton of stale, dormant profiles since it costs nothing to keep them up.

A person's credit card being hit for /month is a good sign that they are taking the online dating process seriously; okcupid's business model does not provide this "filter". There are also many people on there who are active but are not serious about meeting someone.

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good girl..., I'm certain, and she'd never do what you suggest !

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