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I found this article resulting from my search based on Apr 2 2014 article about NC voting irregularities. At the age of 17 we happened to be attending the same high school. How likely is it that 35k NC voters match name and birth date to voters registered in other states? I was born on the same day, month, year, and hospital as a close friend of mine. The rule, called honinbeop (Hangul: 혼인법, Hanja: 婚姻法), originated in China, and can be traced back at least to the late Joseon Dynasty in Korea.

Right and Duties of Citizens" of the Constitution of the Republic of Korea.They were not eligible for national health insurance and were discriminated against in matters of inheritance and property rights.The Korean Legal Aid Center for Family Relations established a special report and counselling facility for couples subject to Article 809.Article 809 [Prohibition of marriage between parties whose surname and ancestral home are common] (1): A marriage may not be allowed between blood relatives, if both surname and its origin are common to the parties.As these two Kim clans descend from different patrilineages, a Gimhae Kim and a Gyeongju Kim can marry.

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Before the 1997 Constitutional Court decision, however, two members of the 4 million Gimhae Kim could not marry, regardless of the distance of their relationship.

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