Dating vintage sewing

If you're in need of a manual, check the ISMACS site for a pretty complete list of downloadable manuals from many brands and models.If you have a machine that belonged to someone in your family, it may have been handed down through more than one family member.Make sure to take a very thorough inventory of your machine and record the condition of the finish, any electrical cords or belts, decals, chrome or metal parts, motor, the inside working parts of the machine, and how the machine works or performs.

Electrical cords may be frayed, and machine should work, but is not in top-notch running order.It goes without saying that the better the overall condition, the better the price and vise versa.Being able to identify which accessories, presser feet, or other "stuff" is with your old machine can be helpful, plus a machine with extras is generally worth more and sells for a higher price than just a stand-alone machine.Find a local auction or antique house near you and call to inquire about appraisal services.Or read and find what seems to be the most popular or often seen price for a machine just like yours in the same condition with similar extras.

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Some accessories missing or in non-working order, manual may be damaged or missing.

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