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You attempt to get all your needs met by this one person and find yourself angry, disappointed or abandoned when it doesn't happen.

You want them to be the same as when you first met and you overtly or covertly punish them for not being that person anymore.

You go back to every day life which seems so dull but, in a way, a relief.

You notice the other person withdrawing; where did the person you fell in love with disappear to?

Still, the adrenaline rush will keep you needing less sleep than a new mother. During this time the sexual pleasure will decrease and you begin to calm down as the hormones become less extreme.You also accept your own 'yes he leaves the toilet seat up but I leave a mess in the kitchen'. You re-enter the dream stage where you think to your self 'Wow, I got lucky, she is amazing.' You become satisfied you made the right choice of partner. Your relationship becomes a gift to your family and friendships.A new flow of give and take lifts the relationship into a fun, loving bond which offers both of you freedom and creativity. The lessons of the past remain reminders of how hard you've worked for this relationship.Although you sometimes move back into other stages of the relationship, they become great lessons that you learn about each other and that deepen your relationship.The arguing lessens and the acceptance surges creating harmony and bliss.

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