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Below are the five best hookups you'll ever have, courtesy of the up and downs of your love life. Making up with someone truly leads to some amazing sex. The older you get the more you'll realize just how much weight those three simple words hold.Lots of factors play a role in creating this euphoric experience. However, when the break up is still fresh you're bound to end up in an intimate situation at some point in the moving on process. You two clearly had a connection and even if the flame isn't there emotionally, it's still there sexually. People don't typically just throw that phrase around at this point in life. When you finally get those both back, wonderful things happen.Step 2: Learn how to dodge the "fuck boy" texts and don't fall for the trap.Here are some way-too-common examples of fuck boy texts.

Certain people are placed on this earth solely to be douchebags, so let them be just that. It would just be nice to walk into a Starbucks that hasn't heard about your late nights in bed with a dude they work with. There's bad days and good days, big fights and makeups.College is a time to experiment; many young adults find who they truly are during their college years.It's also a stereotype that college kids have raging sex with tons of different people.Somehow your body even knows that this is the last time you're getting laid for a while, so you better make it count. Throughout my wonderful years in college, I have become almost a master (not to brag) of spotting and steering clear of fuck boys.Step 1: If they're in a fraternity, you need to be super high on your game because chances are they are indeed a fuck boy. If they invite you to a fraternity function/date party and leave you within the first fifteen minutes, they're 100 percent a fuck boy.

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