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Chimerism connotes the presence in a single individual of cells derived from different zygotes.The phenomenon is proved by detection of two populations of cells, usually erythrocytes with different blood types, in a single individual.Distinct sexual roles are evident in spawning events.Hermaphrodites gain female function by pair spawning with males (124 and 125 observed spawns) and rarely with other hermaphrodites (1 of 125).In fact, fusion of XX and XY mouse zygotes usually produces not true hermaphroditism but, rather, clearly male or clearly female offspring A 46, XX/46, XY chromosome complement could arise by 1) nondisjunction involving a 47, XXY or 46, XY zygote, with loss of certain cell lines and retention of others, or 2) chimerism.The etiology of 46, XX/46, XY true hermaphroditism in humans is usually suspected to be chimerism, rather than nondisjunction.In her new short-story collection, "Some Possible Solutions," Helen Phillips presents several dystopian worlds that are startlingly similar to our own.She takes the familiar and twists it a bit, but not in the overblown way a summer blockbuster might.

Both groups, surprisingly, reported the karyotype to be 46, XX.Several potential cases that the reporting investigators had considered true hermaphrodites were excluded either because oocytes were not detected or because tubules were not present.The diagnosis was especially likely to be applied erroneously to 45, X/46, XY individuals.Even allowing for such unidentified cases, it is obvious that the disorder is rare.About 30 cytogenetically documented 46, XX/46, XY true hermaphrodites have been reported.

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This is the first serranid known to have this sexual pattern which is functionally intermediate between the typical serranid patterns of simultaneous and protogynous hermaphroditism.

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