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If you make the right purchase she will know you know how to spend your money wisely.She will never marry a man who throws money away or a man that has no money or is cheap.Here is one trap most western men fall into and again this is another test.My wife never did this but I was one step ahead of her so she didn't have to.Don't ask her family or friends any questions just let them ask you. Also if you talk too much to her friends or another female in the family everyone will think you are flirting with them, not a good idea. Another thing you will be tested in is how you spend your money. If you ask her where she wants to eat more than likely she will choose an expensive restaurant.

If you make a cheap purchase she will think you are stingy.

The first thing to remember is that girls can touch the guys but the guys CANNOT touch the girls.

So if you are walking down the street DO NOT hold hands.

Later on in dating you will probably want to purchase a gift for her. One example when I was dating my wife before we got married I noticed she needed a good watch. Now I could of bought a very expensive one but here is what I did.

I ask her which one she liked and of course she picked out a very expensive one (remember this is just a test).

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There are plenty of well-educated, nice traditional Thai girls working in restaurants, shopping malls, as tour guides and hotels.

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