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But dispensing with the lady in red and returning to her post behind the bar didn’t dispel the feeling of trouble waiting in the wings, watching.

The prickles of sensation ricocheted along her skin as if a lightning storm was about to hit.

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It had been eight years since she’d last seen him in physical form, but he’d taken over her dreams since she was eighteen.

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Her gaze resumed its perusal…and landed on a cowboy hat that lay at the far end of the bar. She had an unnatural weakness for a man in a black Stetson—one man, in particular.

Almost reluctantly, her gaze moved from the hat to the long tan fingers clasped together beside it.

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  1. It's interesting to note that many Pilipinos refer to themselves as "Filipino." In the original abakada Tagalog and abakada Ikokano (Tagalog and Ilocano alphabets) there is no "F." To "P" or not to "P", is a conundrum that plagues many Pilipino intellectuals.