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And since money is just implied and not promised on the site, it would take someone coming forward and proving those allegations to shut it down.

The bot is a combination of both Alex’s and Paul’s methods which were successful in their own way, but together became the most powerful robotic pickup artist on the planet, collecting over 300 numbers from girls in the Tampa area with an average response rate of 78% during a week long beta testing.Paul had just recently become single and Alex, an avid Tinder user was teaching him how to properly use the popular dating app during their down time.Both men are competitive by nature and immediately started challenging each other on who could get the most matches, messages, and phone numbers using two very different strategies.Alex’s strategy was simple, use a clean, professional picture and bio and read each matches’ profile and concoct a personalized opener to start a conversation based on the girl’s personality.Paul had a different plan, he orchestrated taking professional photos of himself, bought the unlimited likes from Tinder and proceeded to like every girl’s profile in the area and sent a generic message to every match to save time.

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