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The young woman in the back of the room raised her hand during a Q&A session at the end of the talk I had just given.With a tinge of bitterness, she asked, “When men say that a woman is intimidating, what are they really saying? ” The sea of heads swiveled from back to front to look at me.Such a woman makes them wary.” Not everyone understands this phrase in the same way.Feminists have generally interpreted this to mean that a successful woman is intimidating to men.We also need to view ourselves from another perspective and realize that relationships are more important to God than our “accomplishments.” I put that in quotes because our puny accomplishments are laughable because we do nothing on our own, anyway.God enables everything we do, including our next breath.Whether at home or in the workplace, women with leadership gifts and strong personalities will be prone to conflict. By leadership gifts we mean the ability to encourage and motivate people to follow.By strong personality we mean that combination of vivaciousness and infectious enthusiasm that often accompanies bright minds and verbal prowess. Sometimes a woman with a strong personality does not understand how she comes across to the people around her. Instead of understanding that some people thrive in more contemplative environments, we communicated with people in ways that implied we thought they were slow or weak.

They are intimidated by her contentious attitude, by her ‘chew ‘em up and spit ‘em out’ attitude.But our attitudes and our behaviors put people off and caused conflict.In this chapter, the authors are not implying that women with such gifts are called to lead a family or a church.Such pride leads to conflicts and broken relationships.In the words of Susan Hunt, “Pride always divides, but the cross unites.” God’s grace develops humility in us and enables us to show the world Jesus.

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