Iwab0383e error validating payload

Handler Mapping]: Factory method 'default Servlet Handler Mapping' threw exception; nested exception is

Illegal Argument Exception: A Servlet Context is required to configure default servlet handling at org.springframework.beans.factory.support.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on payload validation and take away the insights on how to improve your code by validating fields as early as possible.

However, as it turns out you have to explicitly inject a Validator into a Default Message Handler Method Factory which you then have to register as the Message Handler Method Factory to be used by Spring-AMQP per the documentation, even when using the Spring Boot autoconfiguration To do that, you need a Validator bean.

Since I’m using a Spring Boot web application, there should already be a default Validator bean — created by the web auto-configuration — called “mvc Validator”.

Benefit from hapi’s functionality and put in some brainpower to get going with and what rules are applicable for the request payload, query and path parameters.

We appreciate feedback and love to help you if there’s a question on your mind.

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