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Therefore, as a rough rule-of-thumb, one could simply double the 1968-69 prices given in Table 4 (see Section 3.4) to estimate "current prices" of Kaywoodie Pipes.

Another obvious source of Kaywoodies is other collectors.Additionally, there has been a recent proliferation of mail-order pipe dealers who occasionally offer Kaywoodie Pipes.These dealers frequently advertise in various pipe smoking journals and can be another potentially useful source for Kaywoodie Pipes.Based on very limited information, the current dealer's price for Flame Grain grade Kaywoodies appears to be in the range of S25 to , depending on condition.The annual inflation rate in this country has averaged about 4% per year since 1950.

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More infos here: Smoking Metal Period: 1937 - present Early Flame Grains were stamped Flame Grain over top of Kaywoodie.

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