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Guys who can't get women aren't just losers and weirdos anymore.

Now they're losers, weirdos, and potential monsters.

" When she knew for sure it was him, she got louder, trying to make herself heard above the crowd exiting the subway station: ""Michael tensed up, as if preparing for the possibility that he'd have to flee. Michael's eyes darted back and forth, from the woman, to the dog, to me.

" She sat on a nearby step and beckoned over Michael's skittish beagle, rubbing its face and cooing: What a nice dog, what a cute dog, what a friendly dog.

Some identify themselves as suffering from "love-shyness," a condition, though not recognized by any mental health authority, that is characterized by extreme anxiety over any romantic or sexual interaction.

"Support for the dating-challenged," proclaims the front page. Many of the site's users have gone years, decades, or even their entire lives without romance.Straight men seem to be drawn mostly to curvy women, with 48 percent of them choosing that body type over the others.A total of 24.1 percent like average women, 22.4 percent like thin and only 3.8 percent like muscular women.They use the site as an advice depot, confessional, and water cooler, complaining frequently about the impossibility of making themselves understood by "normies" or "noncels."Michael has sunk countless hours into the site. But offline, he almost never mentions it—much less that he hasn't dated anyone since he was 17, and has had sex just once in the decade-plus since.(One of Michael's terms for participating in this story was that I not include his last name or exact age, only that he's on the older end of the millennial spectrum.)The woman, still petting the beagle, started teasing Michael.

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