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He sometimes "borrows" things that don't belong to him, and he doesn't always give them back.

In the end, the film has a nice (if not exactly trumpeted) message about helping people and doing the right thing.

If you’ve been dating for a while, and you’re still finding new things you like about him, this could be a sign that things will last.

Time after time research has shown that the ability to laugh together, and to make each other laugh is a key ingredient to long lasting relationships.

Love happens gradually to some of us – so if this is you, don’t worry.

Often the relationships that are ‘slow burners’ turn out to be the happiest, and have the most longevity.

If you’re dating someone who’s wrong for you or if things aren’t going well, you might feel upset or anxious when you think about him. The 28-year-old Ocean Township resident has earned the title as the most "swiped right" man on Tinder, the online dating app, in New Jersey. When it comes to dating, Mizrahi said he prefers meeting women the old-fashioned way."I’d rather just go up to a bar and talk to a girl — sweep her off her feet that way," Mizrahi said."I don’t feel like I'm a man when I'm hiding in my room texting."That doesn't mean he hasn't mastered the online dating world.A vicious dog with bared teeth appears suddenly (but briefly).A military attack on unsuspecting villagers is quickly revealed to be part of a movie production.

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