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In the end though he seemed to have improved again, reassured by the fans that still support him as well as his fellow group members.

I just want to say that I as an Arashi-fan and as an Ohno Satoshi-fan will ALWAYS support him, no matter if or if not he's in a relationship (the guy is fucking 34 years old, my gosh). Drop a comment below (and I'll try my best to answer it...)!

(read more @ Kamiki Ryunosuke as well as JWEST's Fujii Ryusei and actress Kuroshima Yuina joining dorama cast of “Samurai Sensei“ starring Kanjani8's Nishikido Ryo (read more @ あらま!JAPAN).- Nishida Toshiyuki and Hamada Gaku starring in manga TV dorama adaption of Kitami Kenichi's “Tsuri Baka Nisshi“ („Diary of a Fishing Fool“) (read more @ Addicional cast announced for Ueno Juri and TOP's dorama “Secret Messages“, including Fukuda Saki, Koide Keisuke, Kaku Kento, Yoo In-na, Kim Kang Hun, Lee Jae Yoon, Shin Won Ho, Jung Yoo Mi and Go Soo Hee (read more @ [email protected]).- Shimizu Fumika guest tarring in 1st episode of “Kounodori“ (read more @ [email protected]).- Tokunaga Eri, Triendl Reina, Mori Kanna and Araki Yuuko starring in NTV's fall dorama adaption of Hirochi Maki's manga “Itsuka Tiffany de Choushoku“ („It will be breakfast at Tiffany some day) (read more @ Bit old news and the episode aired already but if you didn't see it yet, you might still be looking forward to it – singer Nakashima Mika was guest starring in episode 8 of “Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubu“ (read more @ tokyohive).- Sota Takeru and Miyazaki Aoi co-starring in cat-themed movie based on Kawamura Genki's debut novel “Sekai kaa Neko ga kieta nara“ („If a cat has disappeared from the world). (read more @ psycho-drama).- Mizuki Arisa and Yamamoto Koji starring in dorama SP “Kyohansha“ (read more @ [email protected]).- Yanagi Yurina, Sagara Itsuki, Okuda Erika and Fujimoto Izumi starring in “Mazimen“ dorama adaption (read more @ In 2016 there will be a movie sequel to “Death Note“, seemingly following the movies from 10 years ago (and not connected to the recent TV-dorama).

It's said that the story is about two new geniuses who surpass Light and L in intelligence and it revolves about one of the death note rules, which says that only 6 death notes at once are present at the same time in the human world.

The movie will be supervised by „GANTZ“ director Sato Shinsuke.

Now, since the dorama for me was more a disappointment, this sounds to get interesting somehow.

(read more @ tokyohive)- TOKIO's Kokubun Taichi got married to a former TBS employee who he was dating for 7 years, and announces his marriage to his fans through fanclub message and the media in advance.(read more @ tokyohive)- Kato Ai gives birth to baby girl in the US – Congratulations!(read more @ Dorama World)- Nonami Maho and Mikami Kensei welcoming their 2nd child - Congratulations!- Umino Chika's manga “Sangatsu no Lion“ will get not only an anime series but also a real live-action movie (read more @ Aoi Yu, Odagiri Joe and Matsuda Shota starring in new movie “Over the Fence“ (read more @ psycho-drama).- 40 members of AKB48 having an acting showdown in horror dorama “AKB Horror Night Adrenalin no Yoru“, getting broadcasted on TV Asahi and video distributing service Video Pass on October 7.The dorama also serves as an acting audition and based on viewer votes, the winner will get a lead role in TV Asahi's upcoming fall dorama in 2016. (read more @ tokyohive)- Rumor confirmed – Kis-My-Ft2's Kitayama Hiromitsu will be starring in upcoming fall dorama “Siren“ (starring Matsuzaka Toori and Kimura Fumino as main). Now this is getting more and more interesting with each news, I can't wait for this! (read more @ psycho-drama).- Live action movie adaption of Mikamoto Rei's manga “Chimamire Sukeban Chainsaw“ announced, starring Uchida Rio and getting directed by Yamaguchi Hiroki (read more @ Yamazaki Kento and Nikaido Fumi will be co-starring in upcoming manga movie adaption “Wolf Girl & Black Prince“ (read more @ Aibu Saki cast as Makimura Kaori in dorama adaption of Hojo Tsukasa's “Angel Heart“ (read more @ Further, the “Angel Heart“ cast will include Miura Shohei as Liu Yin-Hong and more (read more @ Update about “Pink to Grey“ movie based on NEWS' Kato Shigeaki's debut novel, starring among others HSJ's Nakajima Yuto and actor Suda Masaki - the movie will actually premier at the 20th Busan International Festival!

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(read more @ tokyohive).- Fujiwara Noriko denies plastic surgery rumors. get over it people, I usually don't approve about plastic surgery either but it's her live, her body, her money -.-“(read more @ tokyohive).- Totsugi Shigeyuki and Ichikawa Yui are married - so omedetou gozaimasu!

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