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It’s the only way to catch the bad guys, said Paul Tiao, a partner at Hunton and Williams and former senior counselor to the FBI cybersecurity director.“Generally speaking you have to go undercover in these places in order to observe the illicit conduct,” Tiao said.“The agencies that have the resources to do this have been able to do it successfully, but it’s difficult and resource-intensive.” Continue Reading One thing the incident illustrates, experts say, is the power of the Internet to bring people together — for good or for ill.In the cold light of day, this probably seems like one of the worst decisions of her life.Her father Timothy has confirmed: “She’s pretty scared and quite upset.” But at the time she was just doing what most 20-somethings travelling alone with a group of new ‘friends’ would have done – joining in and avoiding travel FOMO (fear of missing out).Reading about this from the comfort of your home, it’s easy to think just how stupid these young travellers have been.

“If you look at black market websites, people have been offering this service for a long time.They climbed Mount Kinabalu, and when they got to the top, they started to strip off - even though their guide reportedly warned them not to.Days later, Hawkins was arrested and four other tourists (23-year-old Canadian Lindsey and his sister Danielle, 22; a 23-year-old Dutch man, Dylan Snel; and Canadian, Emil Kaminski, 33) handed themselves in.For Hawkins, who had recently graduated with a master's degree in aeronautical engineering from Southampton University, travelling around South East Asia was a way to celebrate and relax before finding a job.She set off in January, backpacking alone through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

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