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A dejected Panchi confronts Govindnarayan for concealing Titu's laziness and shares her miseries with him.Govindnarayan tries to prove Titu's innocence to Panchi.

Later, Rekha's family accepts their mistakes and realise the love of Govind & Surekha for them. The whole Agrawal family starts living happily again and the show ends with Panchi's and Bhagwati's pregnancy, and another Nikhattu i.e.

Later, Kamlesh informs Titu's father about Titu’s result being exchanged with Panchi’s and Titu's father apologises to Kamlesh.

Rachna's would-be husband congratulates Panchi on her success.

If given a chance, it would be wonderful to work with each other again and see how much we have evolved as actors," added the actor, who is currently seen in a new TV show "Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania".

Talking about the Sony Entertainment Television show, Priyanshu said: "For me, 'Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania' is a show which starts a new approach towards storytelling.

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Situations take a turn for Titu when he reaches the marriage venue. She gives ancestral jewellery to Panchi as a token of acceptance from her side.

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