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- on stands and online in the digital archives now (subscription required) — Robert Plant explains to writer Stephen Rodrick why he was unwilling to keep performing with Led Zeppelin after their 2007 reunion concert. "The preparations for it were fraught and intense, but the last rehearsal was really, really good, for all that it represented and all that we were trying to capture. We'll come back to it."- Plant recently flew to Morocco and recreated a legendary trip he went on with Jimmy Page where the duo wrote "Kashmir." "I wanted to go back and take that road," Plant says. It was fucking amazing."Robert Plant Previews Upcoming Band of Joy Album- Tony Blair's religious awakening horrified Plant to the point that he stopped writing new songs.

But I've gone so far somewhere else that I almost can't relate to it... "The last time I lifted a pen was when Tony Blair became a Roman Catholic," he says.

"He's building upon the past, both his own and the larger traditions of his homeland, both spiritual and actual, and that gives (it) a bewitching depth.

It's an album to get lost in."Space Shifters' guitarist Justin Adams celebrates such reviews, if only because they allow the music to stand away from that of Led Zeppelin."Sometimes with Robert it feels that it is hard to get anybody to hear what is going on now (musically) because people are so overwhelmed with his legacy" he says.

"Robert was always especially interested in the blues and, obviously, as he got older, he absorbed other styles.

When he was younger, he was thinking about cabaret, sort of an Engelbert Humperdinck kind of singer."Plant even recently lived part-time in the USA for two years, sharing a home in Austin, Texas, with singer Patty Griffin.

"I hear the sound of time roaring past me," he says. Now, he's plotting a smaller-scale 2015 tour in support of his 10th solo album, Lullaby and ... The shows start in March, with four dates in Latin America, then continues with a U. appearance, just announced this week, as one of the headliners at the Bottle Rock festival in Napa Valley, Calif., in May.(More tour dates are expected soon.)Settling down for an interview on a velveteen-covered couch in a cavernous room at the Bowery Hotel in Manhattan, Plant uses the example of another band to explain the type of audience he covets. They had such a huge following because they were coming from a place that, even though it was from an altered state, it was definitely real.More importantly, he aims to stay artistically creative rather than become a nostalgia act.The man who belted out Rock and Roll and Stairway to Heaven in the 1970s turns down lucrative offers to stage Led Zeppelin reunions.

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I like to think it is different — something completely without …

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