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That way, it's only one additional to my function definitions, not a bulky try-catch block that's repeated everywhere.

I'm not very familiar with the product line, but I know there are aspect-oriented programming libraries you can get, or you can use the decorator pattern to achieve a similar reduction in boilerplate.

I recently solved a similar problem with a third-party library.

They have an exception occulting culture that gets in the way of my general fail-fast approach when developing software.

In that light I find it strange that this 3rd-party component works differently. NET, the developer is accountable for any exceptions his code encounters.

However, when you are writing an API for another developer to use, you should NEVER hide any exception thrown from one of its delegates / subscribers / listeners.

For these scenarios I have a global handler that will log the unhandled exception right before the app crashes. Since my company made a huge investment in this particular 3rd party provider (both from learning and actual code running with it), I can't just run to another vendor - much less making my own grid control.

I tried talking to the vendor so that this gets fixed but they won't do anything in fear of causing breaking changes for other customers (understandable).

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Then you might consider to create a functional wrapper like this: The lambda expression decorator is indeed a good idea.

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