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Click to view Facebook places, which rolls out this evening, allows your friends (and only your friends) to tag you when checking into a place, much as they might tag you in a picture. Of course, you are notified whenever anyone tags you in a check-in, and you can always delete a tag. You're probably not checking in because either 1) You don't want people to know where you are.

Or 2) You spent all your money on Star Wars memorabilia and can't afford a smartphone, so you won't see that someone's tagged you until you get home anyway.

GEO-dating apps still appealing Grindr has become one of the best-known sex navigation apps.

And Verhoeven says few have taken the time to examine the effect the app may be having on their ability to connect with other people in public spaces.

"The feeling we have on the Internet is that we are safe there, that no body is looking at us," Verhoeven says.

An art project in Berlin based on the gay chat app @Grindr has set off a debate over the online privacy of geo-location dating services, and the effect they might be having on their users.

For five days in early October, Dutch artist Dries Verhoeven broadcast his Grindr chats onto a projection screen inside a glass cube situated on a public square in Berlin's Kreuzberg neighborhood.

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