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A few of the better known sting operations are listed below on this page.

Premier Defense Group has successfully defended many clients who through entrapment, an error in judgment or simple bad luck were caught in a sex crime sting operations.

Landslide offered subscriptions to more than 250 web sites, many of which were devoted to child pornography.

The deception can include the officer lying about their identity and sending photographs of other people or even other adults all in attempt to keep the conversation going. Do not assume that your privacy is protected, and do not assume that police must tell the truth.

The mere act of having an sexually explicit conversation with someone whom you think is a minor is a federal crime.

If you have been accused of a sexual crime or think you may have been targeted by an undercover officer or even a private citizen, you must contact an experienced defense attorney. Early intervention can save your life in these cases.

Sex crime sting operations are on the rise as popularized in television shows such as .

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There has been a huge increase in the last few years by federal and state authorities to catch sexual predators.

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