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So my diet is already leaning slightly in that direction anyways. It depends on what level of vegetarianism / veganism one subscribes to, and how pushy they are about it, or how tolerant they are of others.

Can a vegan and a carnivore (well, okay, omnivore) co-exist under the same roof?

It means your both accepting of others and not looking to mould that lump of clay . Cute granola girls that don't eat meat, no problems.

Cute granola girls that don't want you to eat meat, I fear I'm going to be arrested at some political protest I didn't really want to go to lol. Only I dated this vegitarian one time who strongly tried to force it on my son. When I was not at home she would scold him for wanting meet products and also would tell him that I was in the wrong for eating meet products. If we had a children together would she force it upon them.

I don't know how well that translates for the male vegan, but I'm betting after the first couple times you cook for her she isn't gonna care as long as you keep doing the cooking. She had a daughter that she was proud to be rasieing as a vegitarian. Her answer was that no child of hers was going to eat meet and that I would have no say so in the matter, case closed. Just something to think about if children are going to enter the relationship. So long as those values are not pushed upon me i`m fine. But anyone who tries to force their beliefs, whatever they are, on others scare me.... Well all philosophy and cruelty to animals stuff aside, the plain fact of the matter is that we have known for many years now that salad eaters live longer. Another thing to bear in mind is that cholesterol is only found in animal products.

When it came to my son I had asked her to let him make up his own mind at a latter age. Well finding that there could be no compramise in an arguement that involved a child that I might father scared me. Are they going to be forced into one of the parents veiws (eather side) or will a compramise be reached by both parents/potential parents? Personally i am very carnivorous and not so much herbivorous. I buy locally grown beef that is grass fed, eggs that come from free ranging hens a few miles from my home. What scares me is finding someone who is a vegan / vegetarian, falling for them, and then have them trying to convert me. The only thing you have to decide is whether it is worth it to give up t-bone steaks and Big Macs.

" There does seem to be a split in the veggie world about this.

IE, some people go vegetarian out of concern for their health (a friend recently went mostly veggie out of fear of the fats / cholesterol in many foods nowadays, and a history of heart problems in the family).

Where could we both go to dinner and be comfortable? Mexican, Lebanese, Thai are current favorites but vegetarian is just another way of preparing good food. It wouldn't scare me as long as you aren't vegan/vegetarian because of PETA.Others go vegetarian out of a sense of "moral obligation" (though the philosophical aspect is sometimes questionable in application, as they often can't really define what they find objectionable about eating meat, or where the line gets drawn; is it an issue of don't eat things with "doe eyes," don't eat anything with a nervous system, don't eat anything that's "alive" [oops, that includes plants!], maybe don't eat anything that could have a "soul" [how do we define that?I probably won't convert to vegetarianism any time soon. She said she never thought of it and would change her evil ways.But hey, different stroke for different folks, as it were. He has come to my house to eat on occassions and you can feel his "ease" in knowing things labeled meat free are just that.

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