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” “Oh, no one wants a big bottom…” “No harm in trying.” He posted a profile advertising (more or less) “Hungry super-bottom for fierce daddy top.” That did the trick, so to speak. Gay or straight, or in-between, if you tell the truth – at very least, about sex – someone might be looking for what you’ve got to offer.

I’ve had clients with interests in kink, or who liked to be submissive in bed – or to dominate – and nothing works better than just coming out and saying it.

Sometimes you might feel the urge to hide stuff you’re afraid no one can accept, as if you’ve forgotten you’re not alone in being human.

I had another gay client who was 69 years old and HIV .

Forthright communication regarding who you are means you stop apologizing for yourself, and own that you are in charge of your identity, and decide who you want to be, living as best you can the life you’ve been given.

That’s the very definition of charisma – feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Dating a therapist is sort of like dating a doctor, only he can’t perform any major surgery or tell if I have tonsillitis.

Oh, and I’m a raging atheist, a partisan Democrat, hate smoking and cars and suburban sprawl and have strong opinions across the board on most things. If this sounds right and you like my picture, go for it. I worked with an African-American gay guy a while back who told me he had no luck with online ads on dating sites.And that goes especially for talking about the most personal stuff of all – the stuff about yourself.A romantic partner is supposed to be your best friend, the person who can know you – and accept you – as you really are.You can bet someone else shares your interests, or has an interest in accommodating it, but you’ll never find out unless you take the first step and tell the truth.If you want to smear her body with whipped cream, then lick it all off (or have someone do that to you) then say so!

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