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The small 2hp outboard that went on sale in 1922 had its roots in failure.After their aircraft and engine factory was destroyed in a storm, the brothers concentrated their efforts on a small two cylinder air-cooled motor that they adapted to be used as a helper engine on a bicycle.Here's how the repairs looked before paint was applied: I've also restored several other Wooden runabouts and utilities for customers.Feel free to contact me benren at Double check your email when you click that. As I can, I'll be changing this page to include tips on repairs and restoration.. 1962 Evinrude Parts Catalog - Accessories Please Note, the above email addy is there to foil the SPAMBOTS. 1st one is a 1967 with 120psi in each cylinder and has good spark. It has a tiller handle, but the bottom end is no good. In 2007 the Yankee Chapter of the Antique Outboard Motor Club celebrated the 85th anniversary of Johnson outboards.

The Johnsons Quick Action Magneto was small, compact and among the most reliable ever constructed.

I received so many photos of other Barbour Boats , two new ones added 4/24/99, I decided to post some of them for others to enjoy.

I have just uploaded 20 pics of the new bottom going on, I hope you enjoy them. Major heart surgery slowed me down for a while, but things are heading in the right direction.

From relatively humble beginnings in Terre Haute Indiana, the Johnson’s became some of the premiere engineers of their day.

The manufacturing of their small two cylinder outboard would not look very grand on their resumes when compared to building the first American monoplane, aircraft engines and record setting inboard speedboat engines, yet outboards would be their most lasting achievement.

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