Updating employee handbook

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Believe it or not, the employee handbook plays a critical role in every company.

It is one of the most important communication tools a company can have.

In addition, if there have been any recent discrimination or harassment issues in the employer's workplace, the relevant section should be reviewed for clarity and possibly updated to include new procedures or requirements.

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Any key local laws or regulations specific to an industry, such as the HIPAA medical privacy rules, should be highlighted.

For example, should an organization allow employees to “friend” a client or customer?

The handbook and supportive policies should instruct employees as to whether they are allowed to download personal applications on their work computers.

When used appropriately, handbooks can also help your organization defend itself from various employment actions such as unemployment claims or discrimination charges. We make sure that policies and procedures are written in terminology that employees can understand.

We also provide feedback about how your policies and procedures compare to other local organizations and share benchmark data as needed.

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