Updating my maintenance program continually

Automakers often offer free car maintenance as an added incentive to buyers.

If you visit a dealership whose brand offers free maintenance, you'll hear about this coverage in the sales pitch. In most cases no, but there are reasons why they still may be appealing to car buyers.

A word of advice: Don't get too hung up on the savings figures.

Unlike its rival BMW, Mercedes-Benz offers very limited free vehicle maintenance.Although the BMW costs a bit more, its free maintenance coverage lasts a year longer than the Volvo's and also includes replaceable items such as brake pads, brake rotors and wiper-blade inserts.Getting your car serviced at a dealership isn't cheap, and prices can vary greatly from one dealer to the next, so for many consumers, free factory-qualified maintenance can eliminate the hassle of trying to find the lowest price.Basic Packages Audi, Land Rover and Lexus have programs that mostly focus on the first few service visits that the car requires.These should be looked at simply as a bonus for purchasing the vehicle.

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