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Prince Harry and Davy were dating off and on for seven years before they finally split in 2011.

While there were always rumors that Prince Harry and Davy would get engaged, the two reportedly broke up because Davy couldn’t deal with “his lifestyle.” RELATED: Prince Harry And Jenna Coleman Spark Dating Rumors There were rumors that Davy was worried he was partying and flirting too much.

According to Grazia magazine, the 30-year-old royal might rekindle romance with the 29-year-old Zimbabwean, who recently split from her boyfriend Charles Goode."Harry and Chelsy are talking nearly every day," an insider said, according to the Independent.

"They have always had amazing chemistry, so it's no wonder they've been drawn back together.""They have mutual friends so they're always at the same events, but there was something about the meeting before Christmas. Everyone in their circle jokes that Chelsy is Harry's Camilla because, like Camilla for his father, Chelsy is the one woman Harry could never get over," the source added.

Royal writer Robert Lacey told The Daily Beast via email that Harry's new openness should be seen on the context of evolving royal mores: "If you look back at history, the story of royal love matches is a matter of slow battles to catch up with the manners of a changing world — from Edward VIII having to abdicate in 1936 in order to marry Wallis Simpson, a divorcee, to the marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla in 2005, less than seventy years later, a scandal-rid divorcee marrying a scandal-rid divorcee, without Charles having to give up his right to the throne.

that he and another ex, Cressida Bonas "are close friends.""Why would [Davy or Bonas] want to go back into that? So some royal fans believe Prince Harry really has eyes for Bonas.

He will always be friends of Cressida and ditto Chelsy." Rumors have been swirling that Cressida Bonas broke up with her boyfriend Edward Holcroft and that she wants to get back together with Prince Harry.

In 2011, addressing rumours of a possible reconciliation, Prince Harry publicly professed himself as "100 per cent single," revealing that he had no time for a relationship of any kind.

Prince Harry is reportedly in constant touch with his former girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

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Harry’s relationship with Cressida was marked by what at first was nothing more than a charming desire on his part to protect her from the attentions of the press.

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