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Muscles are hurting that we never knew existed…It was an indescribable feeling. I wish I could live in that moment for a lifetime.” What is Camille Kostek’s net worth?Currently, there is no information on her net worth, but Kostek is an educated lady and has a flourishing career. With over 62,000 followers on Camille Kostek’s Instagram account (which, by the way, is full of Camille Kostek’s hot pics on the beach and having fun), there is no doubt that she is a fun-loving girl!Back in 2015, it was confirmed that New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was dating former Patriots cheerleader Camille Kostek.Camille cheered for the Pats from 2013 to 2014 but left the team in 2015, around the same time she started dating Gronk, to pursue a career in broadcast reporting.Again, it seems hard to believe that Gronkowski would stay in a committed relationship for two years given his lifestyle.

But one of his ex-girlfriend’s pretending to still be his girlfriend? Some of the greatest - and not-so-great- players in the NFL have graced the cover of the "Madden" video games (curse optional).

And, in a clip from Barstool Sports, Kostek was labeled as Gronk’s girlfriend, to which she did not refute.

The former cheerleader was born on February 19, 1992, making Camille Kostek’s age 25.

After two years of being in a rumored relationship, neither Gronk nor Kostek have confirmed that they are dating.

Kostek is now a TV reporter, having quit cheerleading for the Patriots in 2015.

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