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So marriage isn’t even something I really thought about until a few years ago, and Prop 8.Even as a gay person, for a long time not much of my life was consumed by this.Just even that spark when you first meet someone, I just had never covered that. Even if it was about a relationship that was doomed and ended badly, just the idea that I could go back to that relationship and remember that moment…that second that I met that person, and it wasn’t bad, it was amazing. So I tried to focus on some of the more positive sides of meeting someone and falling in love. AE: Speaking of process, the two of you write very differently, correct? I think a big part of that is that in our live shows we actually sing together, and on record, we rarely sing together. I think that’s why people really ended up liking so much, is that we made it a collaborative effort for the first time ever. For more info about Tegan and Sara, check out their website (teganandsara.com) and follow them on Twitter (@teganandsara).Do you write separately and come together, or work together from the get go? As individuals we changed, the business changed, the way we make music as changed, the way we record music has changed.I think there’s just a lot more options than when we first started and we were limited in terms of experience and ability, but also in terms of finances and money. We couldn’t necessarily translate our record live the way we can now.

Like have Sara play “ohhhs” and background things on a keyboard, on stage, while she sings a harmony. It’s a crazy, weird science experiment that our music has become. I think that’s what’s really cool about our progress because it really hasn’t cut into the writing.made a huge splash in 2013, capturing a whole new audience and solidifying their status as pop-rock goddesses. AE: Well I think you guys are going to be in for a treat—well I know at least everyone else there is. I mean, I have a million friends who have gone and it’s just been one of those things that I’ve wanted to do and never happened, so I feel really excited.This year, the out musicians will be headlining The Dinah, the epic queer girl party that takes over Palm Springs every spring. AE: So it’s pretty obvious you are going to tear the roof off the joint. I’m guilty of doing that in the subway, actually myself.We even got a bit of scoop on Tegan and Sara’s seventh studio album, due in January.A.] and I live in Vancouver as well, since my girlfriend lives there.

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