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Help the princess put together the rocking horse in t...You've always wanted a pet horse, and now you can see all the tasks you need to brush up on to care for a horsie!She loves to spend long hours brushing her hair and shopping fo...Anna loves arts and crafts, so when she sees a competition from a neighboring kingdom she signs up to create the cutest toy to win first place.Anna loves spending time with Christoff, but she loves spending time with her beloved pet horse more!

Take these two for a fashionable ride in chic outfits and matching tack and saddle wear!

Their favorite band is in town and the girls are so excited.

The Equestria girls been talking the whole week about what to...

Design your own fabulous My Little Pony from head to toe, then dress her up!

Choose from a dazzling array of colors, cutie marks, accessories and backgrounds. This lovely princess is preparing for a ball in her palace next week, so she's out trying new styles to see whether she'd like to masquerade as a new woman or descend the main stairs in a flashy dr... She's a loyal pony who will always help her friends - especially Twilight Sparkle and Shutterfly!

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It's your first day at the pony brigade, and they all need your help to really get all of their work done!

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