Yonghwa and shin hye dating dating the thera eruption

or also maybe he doesn’t like it when the girl does the first move.

: D or so yonghwa, idk if you made it clearer about you and seohyun, or just made it bigger cause of the van thing! lolwell, all i know is I will support Yonghwa and Seohyun, both SNSD and CNBLUE no matter what.it’s funny how even though it’s been 3 yrs since WGM ended, Yong Seo is still addressed every now and then (most especially for Yonghwa’s side) this just shows that there might be something.

When you’re as handsome, talented and successful as Jung Yong Hwa, there is bound to be a handful of rumors surrounding you, especially regarding girls!

Although, you denied that you and seohyun are not dating (which is okay.ahead and deny it! Speaking of closeness, he also mentioned that because of rumors that Him and Shinhye are dating, they don’t really see each other that much anymore and also one of the reasons why he turned down “THE HEIRS” role…Love that can make his life come back like his childhood moment when his heart still pure and full of happiness.Yong hwa which already rich on his 35th years old, still continue his hobby to painting the good moment and nice scenery whenever and wherever he is. “Long time no see, Eun Mi-yah.” The intimacy of informal speech made your stomach squirm.You had kept that barrier for a reason but here she was knocking it right back down.

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