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Per ancient tradition, the goats’ blood is used for a sauce called Mole de Caderas.

At a ranch in Huajuapan, Mexico, called La Mantaza (“The Killing”), one hundred residents participate in the annual slaughter of more than 1,400 goats in one afternoon.A woman in eastern India sells her newborn son to pay for two sacrificial goats.—— Major Goat News — June, 2016: In Raigarh, India, members of the Baiga tribe ask owners of India’s largest coal company to sacrifice, per custom, one goat for every bamboo branch to be cut in a sought expansion. Two goats in Saugatuck, Michigan go paddleboarding on the Kalamazoo River.A Nigerian mob lynches a man accused of kidnapping eight people and turning them into goats.—— Major Goat News — March, 2016: A goat, hired to clear a Cincinnati cemetery of invasive plants, is killed by a dog.

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